FreeFARM kits allow you to create your own row crop toolsets to suit your unique operation.


Row Cleaner

There are a wide variety of operations that require residue management of one kind, or another. The FreeFARM system has several row cleaner attachment options for your application.

Whether you would like the row cleaners pulled, or pushed, finger wheel or notched disc, offset, or intersecting, we have a Trashwheel for you. 


Cultivator / Strip Refresher

Rotary hoe style cultivators, like the Lilliston, can be used for weed suppression or as a strip refresher.

Alternatively, you could attach small notched disc gangs to create your own custom tillage tool.


Fertilizer Applicator

This is another coulter based tool that can generate a tremendous return, for a very reasonable initial cost.

This simple liquid fertilizer applicator can be bolted to a wide variety of toolbars, as a stand alone tool, or as an addition to an existing system.


Stalker Roller

Modern genetics are hard on pests and weeds, unfortunately, they are also very hard on tractor tires. Our roller attachment may be a good option for you.

Additionally, a good roller can help considerably if you need to flatten your corn stubble, or level out a strip-till seedbed.


Coulter / Row Cleaner Combo

Often times in a no-till environment, row cleaners may need some added support from a cutting coulter.

Dawn generally recommends leading your row cleaners. with the cutting coulter, however your FreeFARM tool can be equipped either way.

It is one of the great advantages to FreeFARMING, YOU make the decisions, based on the needs of your operation. 

FreeFARM Linkage

You will want to carefully consider what is the most appropriate linkage for your needs. FreeFARM linkages are equipped with pneumatic down pressure, and have optional spring uplift. Most pivots are greaseless, and are fitted with synthetic bushings for maximum wear life.


FreeFARM Small Linkage

The small linkage features heavy-duty drop-forged parallel links, and an optional attachment for spring up force. The small linkage also features a lock-up mechanism to hold your attachment at the top of travel.

It is capable of delivering up to 200lbs of down force and is for use with smaller ground engaging tools, such as Trashwheels row cleaners.


FreeFARM Medium Linkage

Like the small linkage, the medium linkage features very durable drop-forged parallel links. It also has an optional bracket for spring up force. The medium linkage also features a lock-up mechanism to hold your attachment at the top of travel.

The medium linkage is capable of delivering up to 400lbs of down force and is for use with larger ground engaging tools such as a liquid fertilizer applicator or stalk roller. 


FreeFARM Large Linkage

The large FreeFARM linkage is used primarily for heavier tools. (strip-till, 6000 fertilizer coulters). Weighing in at approx. 250lbs, this cast iron assembly can deliver 500 lbs of additional down force.

This extremely durable linkage provides up to 16" of vertical travel, and features a channel running through the primary support structure to route hoses.


FreeFARM Connectors

There are several options available for connecting your FreeFARM attachment to your toolbar. You will want to carefully consider which connector is best suited for a particular operation, and what are the physical constraints of the toolbar if it is already equipped other row crop tools. (i.e. planter row units, fertilizer applicators, strip-till units, etc.) . Here are some examples.

Basic Plate Connector

Basic Plate Connector

Pivot Plate Connector

Pivot Plate Connector

Extension Connector

Extension Connector



Now that you have some familiarity with the components, its time to start thinking about how FreeFARM tools could contribute to your operation. There are a number of things you will need to take into account. Here are a few notes to get you thinking.



Toolbar Extensions

Toolbar Extensions




FreeFARM tools are built to be modified. You can easily change right hand units to left hand units and vice versa. Attachments can also be flipped for use with right or left hand units.

If the geometry of your tool bar restricts travel or otherwise interferes with the dimensions of your tool switching handedness may get you out of a bind.


Toolbar Extensions

Don't let a single rank toolbar hold you back. Instead set units back with this handy toolbar extension. The possibility for custom tools are nearly limitless with the right connectors and extensions.

This example shows a leading row cleaner for residue management, followed by a stalk roller to
suppress corn stalks, which can protect tires, and prevent plugging.



FreeFARM parallel links can run parallel or perpendicular to the direction of motion. Forward, backward, and sideways are all possibilities with this modular system.

Don't let convention constrain your thinking. There are no RULES, there are only GUIDELINES! Allow yourself to create the ideal tool for YOUR environment.